All about dog rescue

female_dogsOften times individuals adopt a dog without knowing the proper care, training, and grooming of a dog. In many cases the families keep the dogs, but in more than 100,000 cases a year dogs are either given to a shelter or just abandoned. In some cases the state takes the dogs from their owners because of the living conditions the dog has been in. There are many ways to help rescue dogs including adopting a dog that has been rescued.

Rescuing dogs is the life’s work of many in different states and around the world. When you choose to adopt a rescued dog there are many things you must go through before you can actually take the dog home. First when adopting a rescued dog you will go through an interview process with the facilities employees. The interview is to make sure you understand that your dog may have issues of abandonment or abuse and therefore they need special training and care. The interview is also designed to make sure the facility is placing the dog in a loving home. They are going to talk with you about the dog, about your home, and about the expense of owning a dog to make sure you can handle the pet. Most often this process will take a few days once you have found your new dog. They will want to check references. In some cases you may be given what is called the ten commandments to follow in the care of your dog. This may include how your life will change, how to react to the dog when he or she does something you don’t like, and how to talk with your dog.

With a rescue dog program the owners of the facilities are like foster moms and dads they are just taking care of the children or dogs in this case until they can find the best home for them. They often find the dogs at animal shelters to save them from euthanasia, along roadsides, and they even take in dogs that are being abandoned. If you are interested you can be come a foster parent to a dog. You would take in the dog that has been rescued and provide a home until the dog could be found that new home. In order to become a foster parent you have to have the proper facilities, time, and environment for the dog.

One of the things the rescue dog facility is going to talk about is lost and found. Many of their dogs join the ranks of rescued dogs due to improper tags. This means that the dog remains in a facility until the shelter gives up finding the owner and either adopts the dog out again or the rescue shelters take over the care. They are going to require that you have already bought the dog tags, and registered the dog to make sure if there are any problems the dog will not end up lost again. Many of the dog rescue shelters that adopt out the dogs have emergency clinics. They will also take in reports of abuse. One of the other special things about most dog rescue shelters is rescuing breeds that may be near extinction.

The idea behind these care facilities is to make sure you as an adoptive parent of a dog will have the proper home and provide the proper care to your new dog to avoid the death of the animal. They also offer training for new dog owners at many of the facilities.