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Best Cellulite Cure


► Heredity is an important factor in the creation of cellulite. But unlike other elements can inherit and we can change them, for example the color of our hair, cellulite can be combated effectively.

► Inadequate daily water intake. Water helps flush toxins from the body. Adequate quantity is estimated at 7 glasses daily.

► Long-term deprivation diets. Eating habits poor in nutrients contribute to the formation of cellulite because the toxins produced trapped in the fatty tissues. Contrary to what is supported, that diets lightning combat cellulite, actually increase the probability of occurrence. Saturated fats are responsible for the formation of cellulite as blocking arteries by preventing the removal of toxins and fecal organism.
► Tension and stress can cause pain in muscles and contribute to the creation of cellulite. Stress also blocked tissue preventing the elimination of feces.
► Smoking not only have adverse effects on the skin and lungs and skin as weakens. In addition, it destroys the connective tissues which causes dimples main characteristic of cellulite.
► A medication can disrupt the intestinal function of the organization with the above consequences. Dietary, diuretics or pills for insomnia in many cases lead to the formation of cellulite. Oral contraceptives also increase the amount of estrogen in the body dilate adipose cells leading to water retention. This means non-toxins, and thus the creation of cellulite.
► Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle contribute to cellulite. The exercise improves muscle tone, blood flow and, above all, it helps to split the "blocked" tissues.
► Poor venous and lymphatic circulation.
► Abnormalities in liver function.
► Constipation

The slimming creams benefit;

The need for solution of the problem has led to an entire industry that promises the desired solution. The use of creams and gels dominate the campaign against cellulite. However, no cream without additional efforts from you will prevent the formation of cellulite. From creams, only those based on enzymatic regulation of the problem and act on local production of estrogen have good results.

Main categories creams in circulation:

A) Creams having main ingredient of theophylline and aminofilini laboratory have shown some activity in the metabolism of fat, but their application to humans have a limited action on cellulitis.
B) creams with retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) are recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to combat wrinkles. At concentrations from 0.01 to 0.1% reduces the wrinkles and the skin becomes shiny. For the results of their action in the treatment of cellulite but not yet detailed studies.

C) creams with fruit acids peeling ingredients help skin at concentrations 3-7% and 8-12% content limit very fine wrinkles.


Stadiopoisi to Scale in Nurnberger-Muller classify cellulite in 4 stages.

► Stage 0: no dents in the skin when the person is standing up or lying down. The pinch test is observed no imprint on the skin.
► Step 1: As in the previous stage, but with positive pinch test.
► Step 2: The depressions are visible without pinching when the person is in an upright position, but not while in a lying position.
► Stage 3: dents are visible and in upright and lying position.


To understand if it appears in your body cellulite, make your own so-called «pinch test» or test stinging allowing more to see if we have cellulite: pinch your skin lightly with your thumb and forefinger or the palm of your hands to catch larger area. If you have cellulite dimples appear bright and wrinkling that will remind you of the outside of an orange peel. Because the tissues that have cellulite are more sensitive, they may feel colder than the rest of the body when you touch it and whiter as you press it.

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